Project Description


For Awareness training to be effective, it should be focussed on real-life examples, with the most common causes and the effects these examples might have on your organisation. The training programme should be based on your organisation’s own culture, policies, procedures and perceived threats.

The training should be easy to understand, not too technical, and should be measurable. For the training to have real value and impact, the training session needs to be presented by a Facilitator that understands the subject matter, in a group format, so that the group can ask questions and interact with both the facilitator and each other on the case studies and real world examples.

To extend the value and longevity of the workshops we are adding access to our Virtual Learning Environment with narrated online versions of the customised modules for a 12-month period.

The Virtual Learning Environment assessment contains questions that gives us an indication of the attitude and understanding of the delegate towards cyber security. The value of this approach is the feedback to management and HR on the effectiveness of the awareness training as well as the compliance records that can be used by the internal audit department.


  • Information Security and principles
  • Viruses and Malware: Ransomware, worms, bots, bugs, patches etc.
  • Social engineering & Scams: Spam, phishing, vishing, etc.
  • Device and system protection: Access control and physical security
  • Legal Aspects: POPI
  • Organisational policies and procedures


  • Training Manual with Policies, Procedures, Incident Response Run Books, Best Practices Summary
  • Online LMS (learning Management System) for Training Materials, Users can access modules and complete refresher training on the agreed topics, Available for 1 year.
  • Each Module has Voice narration and FAQ’s to assist Employees to Master the topics
  • Management report provides insight into who is active and where attention or motivation is required to achieve compliance.
  • Provides records of Employees Cyber training completion for compliance purposes.

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