Project Description

Our consulting approach assists IT management with:

  • Business priorities and decisions based on business needs
  • Holistic demand across business needs, current IT Portfolio and IT services
  • Data consistency, reliability and trust across services
  • Financial visibility on investment activity and value realisation
  • Traceability link form business request to what was delivered
  • Communication with business stakeholders through service roadmaps


IT Strategy

Define Objectives

Align Business & IT Roadmaps

Setup Standards & Policies

Service Portfolio

Enterprise Architecture

Service Portfolio Rationalisation

Create Service blueprint & Roadmap

Demand Management

Consolidate Demand

Analyze priority, urgency, and impact

Create new or consolidate existing demand

Solution Selection

Business Value, Risk, Cost, Benefits & Resources

What if Analysis

Ensure Governance


For IT Executives

  • Formulate policy statements
  • Create IT initiatives
  • Adapt organisations and processes
  • Review initiative’s impact to services and create backlog items
  • Consolidate and prioritize backlog items
  • Update Service Road Maps based on project execution status

For Architects

  • Enterprise Architects translate policy statements into formal policy rules
  • Revise architecture compliance tests based on policy rules
  • Model organization and process changes
  • Refine Proposals based on as-is / to-be architecture gap analysis, requirements, and work packages (roadmap items)

For Program Offices

  • Creates draft proposals, initial requirements, objectives, and financial targets
  • Updates proposals with staffing models and budget estimates
  • Executes governance process and completes scope agreement

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